Going back to the ship! (with another company) (Part 1)


*** The following post contents my personal opinion. This is not and advertisement, not a publicity. Just my personal point of view.***

Post originally written on October 2017.*

Phototeam Oosterdam (Nov. 2017)

Hello to all of you! Its been a while since my last post. I must confess that writing for me, even if is a healthy way to redeem my self, its a way to challenge my self against laziness.

This would be my first post in English for the blog, its exciting but at the same time dangerous. I will accept advice from everyone, like before. This will require a bit more patience, but lets just try.

So just to go back in track… Where were we? Ok, Its been a while since my last post. Me and my husband Marko left Lima behind for many reasons. The main one TO SAVE MONEY.

Saving money as a couple could be complicated sometimes, but somehow we manage to reach the ship that we both are working nowadays.

We are photographers for Holland America Cruiseline (HAL). Our currently status is at MS Oosterdam, navigating somewhere across the Panama Canal.

I wanted to write since our very first day here, but our feelings were not the best and I prefered just to wait a bit.

Three months after, I got to like few things from our life on board. I will start with the positive things like the salary. In comparison with our former employer IMAGE, Holland payment is higher, specially for the photographers who works along the Alaska season.

The basic salary is almost the same, but the comissions makes the difference. Holland photographers are part of the company and treated as petty officers. We have crew cabin stewards (hosekeeping comes everyday to fix your cabin and leaves everything so clean and nice <3), and we are allowed to eat at the buffet at anytime.

There arent duties as deboxing, or eternal formal nights. For example, on a gala night a HAL photographers starts around 5p.m. and might be closing the studio about 10 p.m. Some days depending of the crowd you need to stay a bit more, but is not usual.

On HAL you help to do delivery of reminders to support the Black Label Artists on board. Here is very important to push for the bookings or appointments for black and white pictures because the sale of those packages will help the phototeam to easily reach the target of the cruise.

As far as I remember, on Image, managers werent respecting or apreciating the black and white artists or pushing the team to get the bookings (in a good way) to make it worth.

Regarding the team I cant complain. The Oosterdam phototeam is cool and fun to work with. Our colleagues are very hardworking people and they are absolutely comitted to the main goal work and make money!!!

I spoke to you about the nice side of being here, and I think i want to keep it there, because the bad stuff like no time for anything, living in a rush, and things like the family vibe I used to feel in another ships (and not in this one), is very personal.

With time i have learned that I still miss the land and the kind of life that comes with it, but it is what it is and this might be one of our baby steps together, right?

Soon will be our second wedding anniversary. Time goes so fast… Should we get ready for more?

Lets cheers for more adventures to come!!!


P.D. I forgot to tell you that in my first month i got such a cute gifts from our guests. One of them was the general Attorney from Oklahoma who gave me a special collection  coin. Isn’t it cool?